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Eevy Lynn

I'm a 24 year old HuffleClaw, married to my high school sweetheart. Here, you'll find fandoms, art, and some writings.

My main fandoms: Harry Potter, Once Upon a Time, AtLa and Lok, FullMetal Alchemist, Outlander, Teen Wolf, and DC comics. I also post a lot of Robert Carlyle and Michael Raymond-James. A LOT of Robert Carlyle and MRJ.

Proud Dearie, Believer, Beauty, and Firethief who loves my Coconut Siblings.

I do sometimes harshly critique characters and ships. If you want me to tag those (or anything else) don't be afraid to ask *politely*.

Oct 4 '13

Someone pointed out that Louis looks a tad like Mikey, kind of like how Jared looks like Bobby.

Here’s a pic of him without a beard, and I have to say, they do look rather similar. It is possible that Louis is playing Rumple’s father, and his looks skipped a generation to Baelfire, like with Rumple’s to Henry.

What do you guys think? Are we just reading too much into this?

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    Holy shiiiitttt.
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    Omfg Louis in Once. I’m gonna die!! This is great!!
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    I don’t see the resemblance — Louis’s got a broader face, squarer jaw. but I could see him playing a crappy dad. And I...
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    I edited this earlier but you all went wild. I read a source said it was possible, but I went to look myself after a...
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    I don’t think it was stated in the show, so it’s possible. I don’t think we know much more than Rumple being raised by...
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    I don’t care really about the same age thing, but like you, I just don’t want his father alive….and I don’t think he is....
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    I… hmm. I don’t really care about the parents being the same age as their children thing. Hazard of the town (and the...
  9. eevylynn reblogged this from tilennyforever and added:
    But it would be great! Man, now I really want that to happen. I love their scenes together so much!
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    Imagine that scene, though…Colin meeting his grandson and great-grandson. Seeing his son almost 350 years later or...
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    Yeah, that’ll be the only way we definitely know ;) Tbf they probably kept that scene to use it in Season 3, but I like...
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    Thumbs up for Louie paying Rum’d dad …that would ROCK. Thumb’s down for Rum’s dad actually being alive (not that I don’t...
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    I’m with you, there are too many parents that are roughly the same age as their children as it is!
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    I didn’t know that Louis Ferreira will be in OUAT and he will have scenes with Robert. Wow :) I don’t know if he will...
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    Wait they announced he finished scenes? the hell did I miss that?!
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    Bobby likes to keep his friends close ;-). Can’t wait to see their scenes together and to see some of the brilliance of...
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    I thing the whole SGU/OUAT fandom is fangirling
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    Omg good to know, thanks!